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Jeremy Maddocks, candidate for Mitcham and Morden

Jeremy Maddocks, the parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Mitcham and Morden in the general election, standing against incumbent,  Siobhain McDonagh . 

Jeremy is a senior manager in an international technology security company and resident of South London for 25 years. He has been a long-standing opponent of Britain's membership of the EU. 

Having worked in Russia and neighbouring countries for 15 years he has seen the impact of the dead hand of totalitarian, non-democratic systems on the governance of ordinary people.

He said: “Brexit offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for Britain to embrace international free trade across the globe. We will become wealthier, freer and self-governing, again. London is the greatest city on earth and we deserve to be liberated and open to the world.

"Knife crime, drugs and assault have reached unacceptable levels in our local community and we need real and proactive action from our elected representatives."

Jeremy has worked in international UK, US and European based technology companies for over 20 years. 

He studied Theology at Kings College London and was a London school Governor and active member of his local church helping to organise the annual winter BBQ.

In the early days of democracy in Eastern European countries he volunteered for international organisations to train young people in politics and communications. He has also set up an African Young Democrat Union to engender greater democracy and discourse in the region.

Jeremy studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, before attending Kings College London and then serving as a second lieutenant in the Royal Marines.


Jeremy Maddocks for Mitcham & Morden

An introduction to the Brexit Party Candidate for Mitcham & Morden, Jeremy Maddocks.